Lose the anxiety and perfectionsim

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Win by being the best version of yourself​

You arrive early for every practice and leave late after watching hours of game film. You practice for hours a day and tell yourself you are ready for competition. You hit the weight room, fuel your body with nutrients, and discuss a game plan with your coaches. Game time approaches, you begin to sweat, your heart races, negative thoughts about your performance begin to race through your mind. Your confidence fades and you begin to feel angry, frustrated, and disappointed. You struggle to understand why you continue to crumble under pressure despite long hours of practice and preparation. 

What is it really about? Mental skills training is the other piece of the puzzle. It is the jelly to the PB&J of an athlete's training (the peanut butter being your physical training!). In order to perform at your best, YOU NEED BOTH! Athletes and performers are emotional beings. We feel, dream, and grow passionate about our sport. Which means, success involves your commitment to dive deep, talk about your fears so that you can face them head on. 

I'm Andrea, owner of MentPhys Wellness Coaching, and I am here to help. I want you to be able to feel confident in your abilities when you step out onto the court. I want you to have time and energy to focus on the love and passion you have for your sport rather than experiencing burn out. We can work together to lose your anxiety, perfectionism, obsessions, judgement, and fear so that you can win by putting forth the best version of yourself. 



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